Transits of venus for mesh rashi

Transits of venus for mesh rashi

Venus moving out of neech rashi will give some cash flow who are in business, some payments will be cleared, old goods will be sold. It will improve domestic   relationship with spouse. So far it was with mars and rahu, wud  have given minor issues with spouse. Now it will be give good positive feel. Mesh rashi people will enjoy now being at home due to increased positivity.  Health of spouse too will improve, they will be more energetic than last month.  Combination of venus rahu had given lot of cloudiness and uncertainty. Now that cloudiness will be cleared and life will seems getting under control.  Apart from venus, sun is transiting in Scorpio, however will keep things bit @ toes. Mesh rashi people may have minor worries on account of children’s health and education. How ever that will improve after December 17. Here on mesh rashi people can expect some good money flow, life back in control , and things start taking shape which were pending. It will be good if they can fast on Saturday for few months. Satrun in Scorpio will be causing minor hurdles for some more time. Its better to worship saturn well in time. if u want to know about your rashi or horoscope do write us at or visit

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