Challenging time for Makar Rashi

It’s a challenging time for makar rashi.
Shani is retro, lot of disturbances in money matters. because Shani rules over 2nd house, the house of revenue.
Since it’s retro it will cause repeated efforts things not working in one go or first attempt. this may lead to frustration.
Frustration and agitation. added to that many planets are influencing the 8th house. 8th house stands for sudden rise fall, troubles, loss sickness health issues problems in domestic matters, etc.
Mars is in 8th, Shani is expecting 8th Venus joined 8th there will be temporary confusion and dilemma about what to do and what not
You will be looking for some support but somehow things not just getting worked.
The best thing to hold on with things is not to take a wild conclusion.
As planets are changing signs in a few weeks things will start taking proper shape.
Remedies for Mars and Shani have to be performed.
Shravan Maas is running. It will be a good idea to worship lord shiv to mitigate the ill effects of planets causing health issues.

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