Sun in Aries 15 April 2023

Sun in Aries 15 April 2023

Sun will be its Rashi on 15th April 2023, Aries is a sign of exaltation for the sun the best place to give its max results.

Sun will be joining Rahu and Mercury.  Mithun Kark and Simha Rashi people can expect good gain success in venture elevated mood and happiness.

Whereas Libra Rashi and Kanya Rashi may have health issues.

Kanya Rashi, it will be a bit more severe because transit occurs in the 8th house where as the Tula Rashi people will have great disturbance or turbulence in married life. If not, some argument with the boss has to happen for sure.

For Makar Rashi change of place and some mental worries were indicated. Kumbha Rashi people may have some short traveling.

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