Transit of sun in mithun rashi

Mesh       happiness from children , health of father will improve

Vrushab  domestic betterment health of mother will improve

Mithun  there may be some added stress however expense will get reduced

Cancer   there will be financial constrain and domestic uneasiness

Leo        good time to start new venture, looking for new job openings

Virgo    some spending uneasiness in career

Libra   health of father will improve time spend with friends

Scorpio   minor career stress and things may get delayed

Dhanu   minor disputes in married life good time to look for new job if seeking

Makar  increase in  confidence , will get focus on job

Kumbh  health /relation with spouse will be better , over all good time with stress

Meen     sickness to mother expense from vehicle

Categories:   Rashi Phal


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