Karak Rashi 3 planets in 2nd house

Karak Rashi people will have unexpected financial gain, the reason being 3 planets in 2nd house, house of bank balance, and net revenue. The
The 11th house indicates earnings and the 12th  house indicates expense which is left / (savings) indicated by the 2nd house.
Whenever any planets transit 2nd house there is some tendency to think for savings, some financial planning occurs on the mental level.
Here 3 planets are influencing along with aspects of Jupiter and Shani. Some revenue will flow in and will be turned into savings.
Yes, there are planets of opposite nature still there will be some saving and a person will be able to save something after some mind wandering.
It’s better to remedy for Shani in the 8th house may cause minor sickness and ailments in the family.

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