Brigu bindu

Brigu bindu

Brigu bindu is a sensitive point calculated based on mathematical astrological  formula. It has its importance in gochar. There is less literature available on it. Only few classics discuss about it. Transit of malefic like rahu satrun ketu and mars can cause havoc if malefic dasha is also running. Likewise benefic transit of mercury Jupiter and venus gives quite good results. Note worthy is moon transit every month.  every month moon transit it.  Moon is the only planet which act as benefic as well as malefic.  From krishnapaksha panchami it is considered as malefic and benefic from shukla paksha panchami.  Since moon transit will be slowly changing from bad to good or good to bad month on month.  Brigu bindu has to be interpreted in correlation with other combinations and factors present in horoscopes.  Satrun transit brigu bindu once in 30 years Jupiter once in 12 years and rahu ketu once in 18  years. How ever they will cast aspects which also considered to be important.  now there will be time when more than one planets transit bhrigu bindu, or aspects.  Normally malefic transit can give knee jerk effect in life. Such events shud be remedified well in advance. Often remedies does not mean costly havan . it may be simple act of visiting temple with rituals.  While casting muhurt for marriage brigu bindu shud be given importance. There may be tarabala panchak shudi, lagna and astam shudhi. Still if there is close transit of malefic then muhurt shud be postponed for atleast 3 months to avoid unpredictable events in married life.

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