Transits of mercury to dhanu rashi

Mercury moved to dhanu rashi on 5.12.15.  this will bring its continued good results of gain and finance for Vrischik rashi. It have been quite good transit for Vrischik , supported by sun which too change its sign shortly. Both the transist of sun and mercury is good for Vrischik as well as dhanu. For dhanu rashi there will be continuity of business deals, some good contracts getting signed. Getting support from spouse and business partners.  For simha rashi its going to be beginning of good time after continued  failures and setbacks now simha rashi people will have their loans released. Some cash flow and will think on some savings after getting their saving washed away earlier. Mercury transit is over all favorable to kumbh simha vrishchik and dhanu rashi. Its quite bad for makar and vrishab rashi. Its neutral for kark and tula rashi.  Over all mercurian signification will be felt, so far was blocked by satrun . these are minor movements for best reading individual horoscopes need to analyzed personally. If u wish to know detailed planetary influence and effects on ur personal horoscope u can mail us @ or post your query at Free Query

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