Disturbances in married life Vrishchik Rashi

There will be disturbances and disputes in the married life of the Vrishchik Rashi people.

The matter may escalate to legal actions too.

There have been hidden uneasiness and stress in one’s personal life.

Reasons may involvements of extended family members’ visits and presence, Grahan in the 6th house is good for wealth but quite bad for married life.

It has triggered a few matters to surface which now getting difficult to manage.

Jupiter Mercury Rahu in the 6th house indicates loss of money, involvement of lawyer/counseling, and Rahu’s sudden outburst of things beyond control.

To mitigate bad effects praying Rahu is indicated.

There may be some worry on account of health matters and children.

Children may start disobeying completely and doing things in very messy and unpleasant ways.

The good thing is after a couple of months things will get normalized in matters involving children .

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