Shri Hanuman jayanti 6th april 2023

Shri Hanuman ji is known popularly as Shri Bajrang Bali Ji and is widely worshiped across India.

Shri Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on the first Poornima of the new year (Chaitra masa,)  this time it’s falling on Thursday.

Shri Hanuman ji is worshiped to get rid of debts, remove negative vibrations, destroy enemies, victory in court matters, and much more.

Shri Hanuman Jayanti is considered best to start reciting the hanuman mantra for siddhi or day-to-day life problems with popular stotra like bajrang baan sunderkaand hanumanastak and most popular Shri Hanuman Chalisa. People also read Ramayan because Shri Hanuman Ji is a devotee of Lord Shri Ram Ji. it’s good to worship Shri Ram Ji first and then offer sindoor-scented oil dhup laddu.

There are Vedic methods to worship Shri Hanuman JI but most people worship Shri Hanuman Ji as per local rituals and devotion

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