Transit of Jupiter and mercury

Transit of Jupiter and mercury

Jupiter move to virgo for short time till jan 20th 2016. However this short transit will give good as well bad results. Unlike sun Jupiter does not change sign every month hence its movement brings important changes and event in individual and national horoscopes.  For meen rashi transit of Jupiter will give good health, career opportunity flow of good money. Minor sickness and accident since its will be conjoining rahu very closely.  Equally it will be aspecting its rashi lord mercury which will move to 11thhouse and come out of parivartana with Jupiter hardly lasted for few hours only. Over all for meen rashi after hard time , its real time to celebrate bcoz mercury will increase their gains . their expenses on health wil be reduced and can celebrate new year too peacefully without thinking too much of budget. Very shortly sun too will be in 11th house over all . its good time and transit for meen rashi

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