Child Birth and Progeny.

For early timely child birth both the horoscope of parents should have strong Jupiter aspecting 5th house, not placed in 5th house or in 6 8 12,without any malefic influences like placement aspect conjunction of satrun or specially rahu. Jupiter being in rahu star also not recommended. 5th house indicates purva punaya , shud not be a barren sign, it should be fertile one and its lord should have strength unaspected by malefic. Placement of mars or rahu in 5th may cause sarp dosha , curse of serpents due to which loss of children or miscarriage occurs. If such combination present sarp shanti shud be performed. Most important part of child birth is 5th lord, Jupiter and dasha running of 7th 11th 5th 2  or lagna lord. Beeja sphuta and kshetra sphuta are sensitive degrees calclulated by mathematical formula different for male and female horoscope shud fall in respective odd and even navamsha. Transist of rahu Saturn and Jupiter and sun play very vital role in birth of child.  Lastly placement of muntha and varsesha in annual horoscopy shud support the birth of child.

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