Financial Factors in Horoscope

Financial factor or degree of richness depends on dhana yoga and lower rajyoga. Common error people do in assessment of horoscope is simply they see 2nd and 11th lord and PAC( placement aspect conjunction) and conclude richness of native. We can not just judge things from lagna. Parashara recommend horoscope to be analyse from Chandra and Surya also. Going to another level jaiminy give importance to aruda lagna and karakamsha lagna and sri  lagna. NADI astrology recommends placement of Venus and Satrun for blessings of lakshmi. Indu lagna is another sensitive lagna indicate amount of wealth a person can have based on planetary combinations. Astakvarga bindus in 11th 10th and 12th itself forms a rajyog    to give abundance or stroke of luck in gochar.  In queen Victoria horoscope most of planet are in 12th house. Still wealth of UK royal family is well known. Its because of other planetary combinations. From various stand point.

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