Meen rashi.

For meen rashi there will be good as well as bad results, Jupiter rahu conjunction might be troublesome. Presence of mars in 8th also may be not great. Noteworthy is presence of malefic in 7 8 9 and 10, sun also is a malefic. A functional malefic to meen rashi.  Since Jupiter is getting weak which indicates career and health. We recommend rahu shanti, by donating black udad to needy people on wedenesday. To strengthen Jupiter best wud be increasing consuming of  channa. And gud (jaggery) . since mars in 8th house. Better to avoid hot discussion with spouse for time being.   Most important things for meen rashi is career development. Platform will be builded now for excellent results for 3 to 4 years. If there is anything in mind specially starting new business or ventures. Better to be worked on.  Overall it can pruve very much productive.  For detailed analysis of your horoscopes you can write us @

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