Travelling yog for meen rashi

For Meen Rashi, there is the influence of planets on the 6th 12 house.
6th house indicates sickness expense etc. since the 12th is connected to Shani and being its own house cant harm too much.
12th lord in 12th gives distance travelling.
Travelling away from the living place, as on date 12th aspected by mars being 9th lord.
The combined influence of the 12th lord and the 9th on the 12th indicates travelling to holy places pilgrimage etc.
Noteworthy is the 12th lord influencing 12. and the 9th lord influencing 9th. , very interestingly there is a mutual aspect of both.
Here mars is playing the role of the controller because it’s influencing the 12th  ist 9th and 6th from a dharma rashi leo..  yes mars being the 2nd  lord of money in the 6th house of expense, will make Meen Rashi people spend for Dharmik purposes.

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