Surya Grahan  20th April 2023

Surya Grahan or solar eclipse occurs when Amavas occur in a sign having Rahu Ketu.

Likewise, Chandragrahan occurs on Poornima day,  every Grahan has its own effect good and bad.

For a few people, it brings fortune and for the rest, it creates a lot of problems. Grahan too has a role in bringing national events like the war earthquake Tsunami in some way.

All grahan has its sootak kaal. Many things are prohibited in Grahan Kaal but this time Surya Grahan on April 20 2023 will be not visible in India hence does not have precautions or restrictions to follow.

However, Grahan does have its astrological impact that may be on a milder note.

This time it will be good for Mithun Rashi people since it’s falling in the 11th house

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