Sarato Bhadra Chakra

“Sarvato Bhadra Chakra” is very ancient method of predicting national events like war, good and bad events of king and kingdom. Now a days very rarely used by any astrologer.  Though it has its application for outcome of war, wealth and welfare of state. Can be used for domestic astrology to predict transits and in financial astrology for financial matter of a native or individual.  Most important component of “Sarvato Bhadra Chakra”  also knowns as “SBC chakra” is vedha, good or bad by planets on Janam Nakhshatra very importantly, latter to other birth compononents like thithi, jaya nanda rikta poorna, birth vovel of  individual. When there is double vedha from 2 malefic sorrows and sickness occurs and happy events take places when 2 benefic aspects it.

Categories:   Yog and Dosh


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