Transits of mars

Transits of mars

Mars has moved to tula rashi. It’s a great relief for mesh rashi . they will have improved relationship with spouse. Will gain back confidence physically and mentally now they will be more active. Mars aspects on vrishab will improve money matters. For vrishab health of children will improve. Their profits will increase . misunderstanding with frends will be now cleared. For mithun it will be good with respect to mother health , mental worries and property matter. For kark rashi now accidents and traveling risk will be reduced. It will better work experience and obstacles in career will be now comparative less. For leo there will be beginning of luck, health of father will improve. Some oversea ventures or dialogues will commence. For virgo married life will be better, conflicts everywhere will be resolved and health will better. For tula rashi money flow will increase expense s will be reduced and good relationship with spouse. For Vrischik its time to slow down for a while there will be new expenses , health of mother may be weak. For dhanu , very good result in 11th house happiness from children . increased flow of money. For makar best time to start new ventures bcoz satrun in 11 and mars in 10th , 2 planets in upachaya. For kumbh rashi mental worries will be reduced, bad luck is now over and it will give start to new ventures. For meen have to be careful while driving and in married life. There may be minor disputes. Moneywise it will be better than last month. Over all transit of mars is almost favorable for every rashi bcoz its free from rahu conjunction. Rahu mars conjunction have caused many unpleasant events on national/mundane astrology too

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