Vrischik rashi

Vrischik rashi

People born with Vrischik rashi , or who have their names starting with alphabet N and Y may have some good stuff for next 20 days. Sun will be transiting in their rashi which will trigger their emotional part. They will be bit more emotional considering their career/job. Will explore psychological aspects of self improvement and will focus on improving their skills. They may work on reading some personality development book or might surf internet for learning few new stuff. They will reflects their minor errors in career/life and will try to improvise on it. Sun in Vrischik rashi will definitely make them bit stressful but will be of productive type. It will give results, plans made this month will have additional planetary support or luck. So if you are Vrischik rashi or lagan, or having narayani dasha of Vrischik or even simple managal mahadasha. Take out some time plan something with respect to career it will have very high chances of materialization. Sun movement will make them to break routine shell and think something constructively. There may be minor argument this month will spouce, they may spend some money on vehicle, may thought of having own house/flat. They may spend good time with parents, at least they will miss them this months. Its conjunction of moon ( their rashi) sun (father) and satrun ( home or childhood). Towards month end they will have quite healthy romantic time spend with spouse, if may not be a candle light dinner, they will have at least very very healthy time spend together. This is the month there will be extra punch of humor in their talks

This are general results of sun movement in vrischik or Sagittarius as per western. If u wish to know results of 9 planets and more about self or life feel free to write us @ or go to  Free Query and fill free analysis form.

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