Navratri begins 26 sep 2022

Navratri 9 days festival best for Devi Aradhana, many people start Nava shakti puja Aradhana during this period.

This period is also considered to practice /initiate Dasha maha vidya. 10 Mahavidya sadhana Vidhi has to be learned by eminent guru. And practiced under his guidance only.

Most popular one are Sri vidya , bagulamukhi vidya , tripur sundari vidya etc.

Navratri is considered very well for the installation of yantra meant for the fulfillment of desire and money matter.

It is good to install Vastu yantra if there is Vastu dosh in the family, Sri yantra for money matters, and Vijay yantra for victory.

The period of Navratri is mainly considered for Devi Aradhana still some people do read Ramayana, the most sacred book of Hindus.

Navratri ends with Vijayadashami. Vijay Dashami is considered good for starting new business ventures.

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