Vaastu Shahstra

Ancient Indian science of architecture  is called “Vaastu Shahstra”, “Vaastu Shahstra” is nothing but balance of panch tatva specially vayu and pruthvi tatva. “Vaastu Shahstra” enriched house office or factory  helps human to live peacefully and grow day by day radiating good health and sound wealth. Importance of “Vaastu” come to light when new business collapses or children start losing interest in studies. and often some or other person keep falling sick often in family. After moving to any new houses. “Vaastu” like virus does not affect everyone, few people can comfortably absorb bad vibrations where as rest cant specially children and elders.  “Vaastu” dosha can be rectified without any structural changes by various method. Entire house is divided into 9 sectors , North  North east   East  south east  south south west west north west  and centrally Brahma Sthana. Which ever sector is affected  respective people and matter related to them get adversely affected example, south east affects female member of family north west affect children etc.

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