Sade Saati

‘Sade Saati’ means transits of Saturn over birth rashi. Normally its considered that ‘Sade Saati’ is bad, where lots of disturbance occurs like mental worries change of profession change of residence, losing position defame litigation health issue etc. In true sense Saturn is a great teacher it help us to rectify our mistakes and get rid of karma. ‘Sade Saati’ is is bit difficult for mesha simha and vrishchika raasi where due to its enmity with their lords do causes bad effects . where as Satrun in its ‘Sade Saati’ has given great rajyoga power and achievements specially to tula and vrishab and own maker rashi. Specially when Satrun has caused rajyoga or sasa yoga, one of the punchmahapurusha yoga being Kendra or kona in its exaltation from lagna.

Randomly it can not be said ‘Sade Saati’ is bad and need not be it remain bad for entire 7.5 years.  Benefice aspects of Jupiter over it, can reduce it bad affect a lot, Satrun transiting in friendly and own nakshatra gives good happy event even in ‘Sade Saati’. Satrun if happens to  give astakvarga bindus then also it pruve beneficial . conclusively concept of ‘Sade Saati’ just can not be interpreted by just its passage over birth rashi. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa daily or least on Saturday, fasting on Saturday and performing Shani shanty before commencement of ‘Sade Saati’ greatly reduces its ill effects

Categories:   Yog and Dosh


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