Prashna shastra

Prashna shastra deals with query of  immediate kind like  missing person,   theft, enemies attack, any black magic done, food etc. prashna is very useful in case of horoscope is not available or birth details are not known. There are varius method to conduct prasha popular among them are

Astamangala : one of the most popular method practiced in kerala where, astrologer is called to perform a prashna. Astrologer first do worship or conduct a puja and gold coin is placed somewhere between zodiac drawn earlier.  This is called aruda.  Query is answered based on sutras.

Deepa prashna : questions are answered on flame

Tambool prashan  question are answered based on “paan” or tambula brought by querent.

Swar shastra :based on swara running @ the time of prashna due to ida pingala or susma nadi running.

Akshar prashana : based on letter first spelled by querrent

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