Adani ji Sade sati

Though sade-sati troubles a lot normally for Aries, Scorpio, and Leo Rashi sometimes it does cause pain to its own Rashi Makar and Kumbh.

Adani ji  Kundali is a classic example of having sade-sati(moon in  Kumbh as per internet data) sade-sati started with Shani entering makar Rashi in Jan 2020, it was also corona Kaal.

Shani in 12th gave excellent growth to Adani ji.

But the same Shani when entering Kumbh Rashi’s 2nd phase of sade-sati, caused a lot of trouble.

Shani hardly crossed 2 degrees Adani ji’s wealth has fallen very badly.

The conclusion is Shani sometime causes trouble to its own Rashi too that’s why we call Shani as greatest dand-adhikari . A sign of relief may be Jupiter along with the moon.

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