Navamsha Chart

9th division of a rashi chart is called navamsha chart. Navamsha chart indicates actual strength of planets. Any planet may be in exaltation but if in navamsha if happens to be in debilitation gives bad result. In nadi astrology a lot importance is given to navamsha. There are specific results of person taking birth in specific navamsha. It is most important divisional chart. It is from navamsha rashi of atmakaraka, karakamsha lagna is fixed.  Any affliction to navamsha lagna indicates disturbance in married life. Any planet transisting in any bad bhava may give bad result in that particular navamsha not entire rashi. Any planet if happens to be in same rashi and navamsha then it is vargottama which  give excellent results. Any planet if in puskar navamsha then also horoscope bcomes extra ordinary strong. In kerala they give very much importence to navamsha position of mandi navamsha . if lagna lord is placed in 9th house then native will be successful in business, similarly if navamsha lagna lord is well placed in rasi chart confirm fortunes and fame to native.

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