Chandra grahan

Chandra grahan is on 28th September, though its effect is very less. Still  kumbh meen mesh  simh kanya and tula rasi lagna native will have its effects felt. There may be sudden illness domestic issues or minor setback in career. Its effect will be more felt for meen lagna and rashi. However vrishabh  lagna may have onset of some luck. May have finnacial gains too. Similar good event can occur to vrishchik lagna and rashi  with respect to finance however they may have minor worries concern with children’s health.


if names are correct as per birth star then people with starting letter A S L M P R T may have effects of grahan felt.Normally nakshtra in which grahhan occurs is avoided for any auspicious works for next 6 months. In general. Hence revathi nakshatra will be considered bad for any good work in next 6 months.


Remedies for grahan is praying to ista devatha, chanting mantra donating oils and performing grahan havan.  Normaly during grahan vela fast is maintained and ganga jal is sprinkled on idols and entire house after grahan is over. Grahan vela is very good for writing of yantra to overcome obstacles and  hurdles in life. Its best time for mantra sadhana. Vanaspathies like termeric tulsi roots of ark etc are widely used for peace and prosperity .

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