Medical Combination


  • Saturn aspecting sun
  • Malefic aspect on 8th with Saturn aspect
  • Moon in watery sign meena and karka aspected by Saturn
  • Rahu ketu in 6 12 axis



  • Afflicted Jupiter venus and moon
  • Moon in cancer aspected by venus
  • Rahu in 8th Jupiter in 12
  • 6th lord in afflicted jupter/venus star
  • Venus Saturn and sun in 5th


          Heart Diseases

  • Lagna lord badly afflicted in 4th house
  • Sun aspected by rahu in 4th house
  • 6th lord in 4th with sun aspected by mars/Saturn as trik lord
  • Sun and Saturn in 6th aspected by malefic
  • Jupiter debilated aspected by malefic sun afflicted in 4th house

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