Pitru Paksha Sep 2022

Pitru Paksha is starting on 11th September and will end by September 25.
Pitru Paksha is 15 days period for praying to Pitru our ancestors.
It becomes highly important to observe Pitru paksha’s basic guidelines as far as possible to please Pitru.
It’s said that these 15 days Pitru come to earth and we can please them by our devotions.
if Pitru gets pleased we get many of our wishes full filled there will be peace prosperity and happiness.
it becomes highly important for people who are having Pitru dosh in Janam Kundali. Pitru dosh occurs when the sun is conjoined or aspected by Rahu.
In Pitru paksha many good auspicious events like marriage Grah Pravesh etc do not take place.
We should avoid buying new clothes in Pitru paksha there are many other things also avoided in Pitru pakshas like home decorating painting or any activity of beautification.
Also advisable to avoid non-veg Pitru paksha at least on Pitru paksha Amavasya

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