Nakshatra are important many ways. Rasi has too many charactistic, nakshatra refines it. Further refinement can be seen with its charan, there are totally 108 charan. Each charan equals to 1 navamsh. There are different way to interpret nakshatra, few consider based on tara bala counted from moon ici. This bcomes most important part of nakstara. In muhurta. Others uses nakshatra for transit specially for bigger planets like satrun and jupiter rahu which stays longer time in rashi, instead of saying 30 months of satrun transit is bad they limit to 13 months ( 13.2 degree of each nakshtra) few tune it to 3 months ( one navamsha or 1/4 of nakshtra. This is very usefull in predicting transit. Whole nadi system depends on nakshatra. Kp astrology give extreme importance to nakshatra. It extensively uses sub sub division of it. Nakshatra are also important in intrepretition of dasha. Any planets gives results of its star lord(kp astrology) and also gives result of planets in its star ( meena nadi).nakshatra are classified into different groups based on its inheriting qualities into different elements (tatva). In jaiminy astrology too consideration is given to savya nakshatra and asavya nakshatra to start counting of houses in direct or reverse order for various dasha. Combinations of thithi with nakshatra gives rise to beautiful yogs like amritsidh yog and well knowns guru pushya yog. Nakshatra are strong in night times people born after sunset will have dominative characteristic of nakshatra felt. Entire vimshotary dasha is calculated on nakshatra also called as nakshatra dasha. In olden days and in aurveda they use to prepare special medicines to be consumed only in specific nakshatra. Today we are forgeting simple rashi chart and nakshatra, and working on sahstimasha other divisnal charts, astrologer of 18th century simply mastered technics of stars and gave amazing predictions. We are complicating astrology ourselves.

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