‘Muhurta’ in astrology very important, birth horoscope itself is a ‘Muhurta’ in which a human is born and entire life reflects on it.. Purpose of ‘Muhurta’ is kaaryasidhi which otherwise seems difficult in birth horoscope. A good horoscope and a bad ‘Muhurta’ can cause lot of troubles likewise a good ‘Muhurta’ can ward off  many evil effect of a bad horoscope. Importance of ‘Muhurta’ exists a lot in marriage where it can reduce many bad effects of horoscope. Often its observed a person rises or falls greatly after marriage, one of reason is good or bad  marriage ‘Muhurta’. Many industries get collapsed due to improper ‘Muhurta’.

In modern day when we cant wait for good ‘Muhurta’, we should start new work in chara or stheera nakshatra based on type of work, in  journey we consider chara naksatra and business should be started in sthira nakashatra.  we can choose to work in nanda jaya poorna and can avoid rikta thithies.

Panchang means combination of thithi vaar nakshatra yog and karan ,  we should try to get shudi of atleast 3 in any work under taken there are some good yog like amritsidh yog, pushya yog karyasidhi yog by which  we can get benefited.

Categories:   Yog and Dosh


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