Birth Time Rectification

Astrology is not wrong astrologers may be wrong, many a time no one verifies given birth time is accurate or is there any error. With wrong birth time chances of getting right solution is next to impossible. There are lots of secret in NADI astrology to rectify birth time. They take thumb impression what lies in thumb which separates individual to rest of other. Birth time rectification becomes very essential when it comes to serious life time matter like marriage, crucial business deals and lot other.

‘Ek Lagna Runanubandha’ which means there is physical compabilitiy between the couple because of past birth runa (deeds) in case of mesh lagna. Slightest change in birth time it may be mesh vrishab or mesh meen which happens to 2 12 not a good combination in astrology. Especially in business world what seems to be like-mindedness and good gains will turn to losses and failures to other partner.

What will happen if someone start business venture considering its 10th lord is mars actually when it is Venus. These small thing matters a lot when a person need minute details of his future life when he is in utter delima.

Categories:   Yog and Dosh


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